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Pride (lilianvaldemyer) (July 7)
[dw] my fandom > yours
Title: Pride
Author: poshlil
House: Ravenclaw
Date/Challenge: July 7, Stand I condemned for pride and scorn so much?
Character/Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG, to be safe
Word Count: 500
Notes: First fic i've posted here. The beginning of a series idea I’ve been thinking about for a while now.
This part is dedicated to judas_denied for giving me the prod to write it, and is also archived at my fic journal (here). No copying/reproducing without my permission; as far as other legal matters go, they belong to JKR. I just like to play with them on the weekends.

PrideCollapse )

Just Ask (miz_thang88) (July 6)
[dw] martha fucking jones;
Title: Just Ask
Author: Miz Thang
House: Slytherin
Date/Challenge: July 6 - ask your heart what it doth know.
Characters/Pairing: Hermione Granger, BZ/HG
Rating: FRT/ PG-13
Word Count: 540
Warnings: Melodrama.  Maybe Fluff.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but the little story’s idea. Everything else belongs to who it belongs to.
Notes/Summary: She knew – in her heart. All she had to do was ask. For 30_hath’s July 6th challenge: ask your heart what it doth know.

Unreal City. (elskegaderian) (6 July)
Title: Unreal City.
Author: elskegaderian.
House: Slytherin.
Date/Challenge: 6 July// "ask your heart what it doth know"
Character/Pairing: almost-Remus/Sirius. [Others in the background.]
Rating: ...I'm not good at ratings. This one should have a high (mature//R) rating, but only for language.
Word Count: 595

Unreal City.

To Kill With Kindness (Tabular Rasa) (July 5th)
Title: To Kill With Kindness.
Author: tabular_rasa.
House: Hufflepuff.
Date/Challenge: July 5th: Kindness, nobler ever than revenge.
Character/Pairing: Implied James/Lily and Severus/Lily, nothing that even begins to strain canon.
Rating: PG, because the narration says “ass” at one point . . .
Word Count: 368.
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): General? (I’m not good at defining drabbles). There’s nothing bad in it, I don’t think. I had fun with structure and repetition!

They each took their revengeCollapse )

(no subject)
Title: The Lurid Light of Freedom
Author: Dezredel
House: Slytherin
Date/Challenge: July 4~What further satisfaction canst thou have tonight?
Character/Pairing: Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa, some Greengrasses, other DEs
Rating: PG

I don’t like it LuciusCollapse )

Birthday Troops (tablyn24) (July 4th)
Title: Birthday Troops
Author: Tablyn24
House: Hufflepuff
Date/Challenge: July 4th What further satisfaction canst thou have tonight?
Character/Pairing: The Weasley's
Rating: G
Word Count: 514
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): Pure fluff I have a feeling it'll be hard to understand and follow and for that I do apologize.

Birthday TroopsCollapse )

Cauldron Cake (La Onza)(3 July)
Title: Cauldron Cake
Author: La Onza
House: Hufflepuff
Date/Challenge: 3 Jul - damn'd be he that first cries "Hold, enough!"
Character/Pairing: Draco/Blaise/Crabbe/Goyle
Rating: R
Word Count: 300
Warnings: j/o party

a cauldron full of strong, hot loveCollapse )

Cold (miz_thang88) (July 2)
[dw] martha fucking jones;
Title: Cold
Author: Miz Thang
House: Slytherin
Date/Challenge: July 2nd- So should a muderer look, so dead, so grim.
Characters/Pairing: Bellatrix Black-LeStrange
Rating: FRT / PG – 13
Word Count: 196
Warnings: Future character death implied.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but the little story’s idea. Everything else belongs to who it belongs to.
: A murderer, a true murderer, did not feel anything. For 30_hath’s prompt of July 2ndso should a murderer look, so dead, so grim.

Wasted Youth (La Onza)(1 July)
Title: Wasted Youth
Author: La Onza
House: Hufflepuff
Date/Challenge: 1 Jul - I will be correspondent to command, and do my spiriting gently
Characters: Molly, Arthur, the twins
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100

I don't know where you get it fromCollapse )

Following Orders (moriath) (July 1)
Bellatrix Lestrange
Title:Following Orders
Author: moriath
House: Slytherin
Date/Challenge: July 1, I will be correspondent to command, and do my spiriting gently
Character/Pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange
Rating: PG
Word Count: 630

Bellatrix approached the lonely house in the dead of night...Collapse )

Incursion (firefly_quill) (30 June)
Title: Incursion
Author: firefly_quill
House: Ravenclaw
Date/Challenge: June 30, 2006: "So what happens now?"
Character/Pairing: Remus/Severus
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 240
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): Slash. Suggestive but not explicit imagery. Perhaps some expletives for flavour. Hello to you all too :)

The coffee table was broken.Collapse )

How Publicists Rule the World by willowish, June 29 06
Title: How Publicists Rule the World
Author: willowish
House: slytherin
Date/Challenge: June 29th/rage, rage against
Character/Pairing: Harry, Rita Skeeter
Rating: PG
Word Count: 396

Err... The thing is... I'm in need of a bit of... help.Collapse )</lj-cut?

put it in writing (singwithin) (june 28)
in you and i
Title: put it in writing
Author: singwithin
House: Ravenclaw
Date/Challenge: June 28/'Hey, Mrs Potter, won't you talk to me?'
Character: Ginny Weasley
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,030. eek?

There are two letters that she has never regretted sending.Collapse )

Assorted Modliness
bonfire rose
All right -- I still need a few more votes to determine the winner of our Guilty Pleasure contest, as it's currently a tie. Thanks so much to everyone who's read and voted so far!

The big item from the last poll -- I've decided not to institute a one-day grace period, as the voting went in that direction, and it was my inclination anyway. However, I will remind everyone (as several people suggested I do) that days are longer than 24 hours -- if it's the 8th where you are but it's still the 7th in some part of the world... change the timestamp, and I'll never know the difference. So hopefully that'll help people be able to get more fics up. :)

I want to thank everyone who offered to help me out with modly duties -- I really appreciate the show of support. I've decided to name neversleeps as my co-mod -- so if you, darling, could email me at Cass13MX (at), I'll be able to give you a run-down of what I'd like from you.

The rest of you -- the best way you can help is by writing and reviewing! Even if you can't get a drabble or fic up, try to make time to give the others some comments. Everyone here deserves some lovin'.

Thanks, everyone!

~~La Moddesse

July Themes
bonfire rose
As I'm going to be going to England on the 8th to study the Bard in his natural habitat, I've decided to declare July Shakespeare Month. So all the themes are quotes from Shakespeare. See how many you can identify! I'll give shinies to people who get lots of them. ;) But don't cheat and use the Internet to search for the quotes; that's just no fun at all.

And, as July has 31 days, there will be a special contest on the 31st -- details will be posted around the 15th.

July ThemesCollapse )

Rift (alyxbradford) (26 June)
bonfire rose
Title: Rift
Author: alyxbradford
House: Slytherin
Date/Challenge: 26 June - every time I look at you, I don't understand
Character/Pairing: Bellatrix, Sirius
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 200

RiftCollapse )

Prime Numbers Are Rubbish by willowish June 21st 06
Title: Prime Numbers Are Rubbish
Author: willowish
House: gryffindor
Date/Challenge: June 21st/Everything’s made to be broken
Character/Pairing: Weasleys, primarily Ginny, Fred and George
Rating: PG
Word Count: 472
Notes: First post here ever! Yaaay! This was written last minute to get in under the deadline, so it’s a little rushed and unbetaed, but I would love feedback. It’s been a while since I’ve been active in the fic community, and I’d like to get back into the swing of things.
Since Ginny coulde remember, her father boasted about producing seven children.Collapse )

(no subject)
:O it&#39;s me!
Author: aracely_star
Date/challenge: 21st June - everything's made to be broken
Characters: harry
Rating: -
Word count: 119
Genre/warnings: love, death...

Important Modliness
bonfire rose
Hey folks --

I still need some more votes to decide the winner of our Guilty Pleasure contest -- please read these entries and vote for your favourite.

Also -- I've noticed lately that while May was a freaking astounding month, June has been... flagging, much in the same way April did. I know part of this is my fault for being a slack mod -- I haven't done the monthly tallies for either of the past two months, for which I apologise. But I really just hate to see all these empty days, all these prompts going unused.


Not wanting this comm to die, because I'm too in love with it, I have two things to say, or really two things to ask --

1) I need a co-mod. This person would have pretty simple jobs, and wouldn't be responsible for coming up with prompts unless I get into a real pinch -- mostly what you'd do would be the monthly tallies and archiving stories -- putting them into the Memories section and tagging them. And, perhaps, occasionally posting friendly pokeages to the comm times like this when there haven't been any posts for a few days. So if you'd like to consider being a co-mod, comment to this post.

2) Would a one-day grace period help with activity? This is something I didn't particularly want to do, because it does rather go against the theme of the community, but I'd rather sacrifice that than have these long stretches with nothing whatsoever posted. What this would allow is for people to post no more than one day early or late. Anything beyond that and I would get cranky in your general direction. But I only want to do this if it's honestly going to pump up activity -- otherwise I would just feel like I was ceding territory for no good reason, and my inner!Bellatrix has read The Art of War and would chastise me severely for that.

So, please, vote in this poll, and feel free to explain your reasons in comments:

Should we institute a one-day grace period?


All comments to this post will be screened.

Thanks, everyone!


Emulation, by fic_claims_lj, 15th June '06
Title: Emulation
Author: fic_claims_lj
House: Hufflepuff
Date/Challenge: 15th June/he of whom many are afraid ought to fear many
Character/Pairing: Draco Malfoy
Rating: PG?
Word Count: 147
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): Character study, no warnings.

Draco Malfoy has always, always tried to emulate his father.Collapse )

Madness is half the fun, by unfettered_sin, 13th June 06
Title: Madness is half the fun.
Author: unfettered_sin
House: Slytherin (cause I gave up being good, its not as much fun ^^;)
Date/Challenge: 13th - madness is more interesting
Character/Pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange / Rodolphus Lestrange
Rating: PG
Word Count: 983 words.
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): Err, mild swearing slightly delusional Bella, nothing highly contagious.

Not today,’ she murmured disheartened and threw the old pillow she had at the door, anger simmering under her dusky skin.Collapse )

Disillusionment (Tabular Rasa) (June 11th)
Title: Disillusionment.
Author: tabular_rasa
House: Hufflepuff.
Date/Challenge: June 11th: Elegy of innocence and youth.
Character/Pairing: Regulus Black, Walburga Black, various mentions of others, mostly Blacks.
Rating: PG.
Word Count: 1038.
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): General/Tragedy. I surprised myself in this one; it's not obvious either way if a certain controversial set of initials belongs to Regulus Black or not . . .

Disillusionment is a bitter medicine, and a cure more fatal than its disease.Collapse )

Unusual for me in being decidedly vague and overarching and containing no dialogue . . . but here's to trying something new!

A Certain Sign of Madness (Guttersnipe) (June 8)
Title: A Certain Sign of Madness
Author: guttersnipe_
House: Ravenclaw
Date/Challenge: June 8th // "that transforming laughter"
Character/Pairing: (Gabriel) Mulciber with mention of other DEs, hurrah
Genre/Warnings (as applicable): Meh, no.
Rating: PG
Other: Apparently, Antonin has nothing better to do at Mulciber's house than to watch forks dance. Nubes beata amo. Et toi?

'Mulciber had been reading, scratching notes in the margins and on a scroll when the laughter jarred him.'Collapse )

Green-eyed. (Elskegaderian)(6 June)
Title: Green-eyed.
Author: elskegaderian
House: Slytherin.
Date/Challenge: 6 June // her smouldering eyes still scorch my soul
Character/Pairing: Severus, mostly.
Rating: PG.
Word Count: 495.
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): No warnings. Wistful teenage slight infatuation remembered? (I love making up genres on the spot!)

I thought I was being rather clever with this, all sneaky surprise-ending-y, but then I realised that I'm probably the only one amused. Oh well. (:


Passion in Green (Eldarwannabe) (June 6th)
Title: Passion in Green
Author: eldarwannabe
House: Hufflepuff
Date/Challenge: 6 – her smoldering eyes still scorch my soul
Character/Pairing: Snape, Lily
Rating: G
Word Count: 213

Green.Collapse )

Just So Hard (eleganceofenvy)(June 5th)
Title: Just So Hard
Author: eleganceofenvy
House: Ravenclaw
Date/Challenge: June 5th- I should try to be strong
Characters/Pairings: Lily and James Potter, Dumbledore
Rating: G
Word Count: 435

I have a propostionCollapse )

Her Job (robin777) (June 5)
Title: Her Job
Author: robin777
House: Gryffindor
Date/Challenge: June 5 I should try to be strong
Character/Pairing: Molly Weasley
Rating: G
Word Count: 177
Author Notes This is my first post and my first fic. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

Her JobCollapse )

Hubris (alyxbradford) (5 June)
bonfire rose
Title: Hubris
Author: alyxbradford
House: Slytherin
Date/Challenge: 5 June – I should try to be strong
Characters: Bellatrix, Narcissa, Rodolphus
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1441
Genre: AU, from my Vittoria Timeline
Snippet: "It's different when it's your own child, isn't it?"

HubrisCollapse )

Modliness -- Contest Voting!
bonfire rose
Hallo, everyone!

Time to vote for who will win our Guilty Pleasure Contest! Please read and comment on all the entries before voting -- all these authors have done great jobs and deserve feedback!

Who should win our Guilty Pleasure Contest?


~~La Moddesse


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