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bonfire rose
alyxbradford wrote in 30_hath
Hey, everyone --

As I'm not someone who believes in keeping communities open when they're defunct, I've decided to close down 30_hath. Maybe I'll reopen it again if there's revived interest, but with such a dramatic lack of postings the past few months, I feel like this is the right thing to do.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated over the last year! I enjoyed running this comm. :)

~~La Moddesse

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=( I would say I'd love to see it kept open, because I do think it's a great idea and a wonderful comm; however, as I haven't posted in god only knows how long, I don't really have the right. =/ But thank you for all the work you've done! ♥

I will say, I'm sad to see it go, too. I hope you bring it back. It is a great place to write for, in the Potter fandome.

Take care,


I started a long story because of this site. I was trying to promote....I'm about to get married so I was too busy to post soon after I found this comm. I'll be sad to see it shut down. How much interest would be required to revive it?

Sorry to hear that you've decided to close, although I do understand your decision. Good luck if you decide to reopen at any point!

i am also very sad to see it go. <3

I don't know if you're still around the fandom or LJ, for that matter... but have you thought about opening this comm back up now that interest might be stirred back up because of the movie?

Just wondering because I've recently come back to the fandom myself and was sad to see that this community wasn't around. It was one of the best!

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