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30 Hath

A Harry Potter Challenge-A-Day Fic Community

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Slumber Party (la Onza)(9 July)
la_onza wrote in 30_hath
Title: Slumber Party
Author: La Onza
House: Hufflepuff
Date/Challenge: 9 Jul - Have more than thou showest; Speak less than thou knowest
Character/Pairing: Blaise/Pansy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 300
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): cross-dressing

Penrod Parkinson, coming home late again from the Ministry, saw the light under his daughter's door and decided to look in to say goodnight before taking himself to bed. "Up late, Lovey?" he called as he simultaneously knocked on and pushed open the door. His eyes swept the room and then froze as they fell upon the most exotic beauty he had ever seen. Sloe-eyed, with the cheekbones of Nefertiti and a wide, luscious mouth, and smooth dark skin that made him think of those islands where prudery was unknown, she was provocatively dressed in a gown of crimson satin that emphasized the slender lines of her body.

Most shockingly, she had one foot propped on his daughter's dressing table stool, the folds of her gown drawn back to reveal a long, smooth leg, the calf muscles thrown into sharp relief by the stiletto-heeled shoe she wore. As he stared, she turned her eyes on him, making no move to cover herself. As he met her cool, defiant gaze, he felt a sharp, almost sickening arousal.

Before he could even begin to wonder what this vision, this siren, this piece of crumpet was doing in his daughter's room, a voice shrieked, "DADDY!" Penrod tore his eyes from the goddess and saw Pansy crouched on the floor by the other girl, dressed in a slip of silky white. "Blaise and I are doing something, okay! Shut the door!"

Penrod stammered an apology and withdrew, shaking a little. Pansy was a bit old to be having slumber parties and playing dress-up, he told himself, but let her stay young and innocent as long as she could. As he slipped into bed beside his sleeping wife, he muttered to himself, "I always thought Blaise was a boy's name."