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Girl Talk (singwithin) (september 26)
singwithin wrote in 30_hath
Title: Girl Talk
Author: singwithin
House: Ravenclaw
Date/Challenge: september 26/'friendship improves happiness, and abates misery'
Characters: Parvati Patil & Lavender Brown
Rating: G
Word Count: 400
Genre/Warnings (if applicable): Gen, set during HBP.

What’s the matter? I can’t understand a word you’re saying, start over, and sit down here, and--

It’s the end, I know it is, because I honestly don’t see how my life can go on any longer. Don’t you understand? I’ve been living for him, for every waking moment... I can’t tell you how many pages I’ve filled up in my diary about this – no, never mind, you’ve seen my diary, you already know. Don’t you?

Yes, I know.

I can’t understand any of this, it’s so awful. I thought he didn’t see anything in her. I honestly thought he liked me— Oh, what’s the use, there’s no point in my going on like this.

No, there isn’t. You’re being silly, and your nose is dripping, and you need a tissue.

Yes, I’d very much like a tissue. I just thought of something else, too—this is just like what I saw in those tea leaves last lesson, remember? Adversity in the face of joy? Remember how we both thought it was such rot, because it doesn’t even make sense, grammatically. What are you making those faces at me for, anyway?

I still think it’s rot--

Well, I thought it would be something silly again, like when he landed himself in the hospital wing when we were supposed to go and do something together, or I nearly passed out in Binns’ class again, but I didn’t expect it would be... well. This. It made sense, but I still can’t quite believe it— and—it’s so very—

It’s all right, don’t worry about this – here, have another tissue, your nose is still dripping. Have you been crying for very long?

Hours, it feels like. I’ve just been so miserable, I can’t even begin to tell you.

Honestly, what would you do without me? Now, settle down, and tell me what this is all about. Did anything happen with Ron?

Oh, everything’s happened with Ron! He’s just gone off and nearly gotten himself killed, not told me about it, and then avoided me for months on end, that’s all! Nothing serious, mind you, except that he says he wants to end it and I saw him practically snogging Hermione Granger and it’s—just—awful.

That— that-- oh, Lavender, there aren’t even words for him. Here, though, you still have me. Blow your nose, would you? And let’s sneak down to the kitchens.


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