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art-- just a few more days (singwithin) (september 4)
singwithin wrote in 30_hath
Title: just a few more days
Artist: singwithin
House: Ravenclaw
Date/Challenge: september 4/'you learn to pay attention'
Character: Harry
Rating: G
Other: Ahhh I missed this community! I keep thinking that I want to write, and then I forget, but finally when I was doodling I decided to make it a prompt. :D;; Can you believe it's already september?!

The weeks go by so very slowly that Harry does not think he will ever escape from the Dursleys. Red marks line up against the calendar page, one after another, slowly marking the elapsing of time; as if they were armies on the move. But one night, after counting up the crosses, it finally sinks in: there are only a few days left until he has his friends back, only a few days until he can return home to the one place in the world that he has ever truly belonged.

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This is cute. It shows his excitment building for his return to Hogwarts. Great work,


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