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Art: Magic in Books (PinkElephant42) (Aug 31)
pinkelephant42 wrote in 30_hath
Title: Magic in Books
Artist: PinkElephant42
House: Ravenclaw
Date/Challenge: Aug 25, stories don't care who takes part in them
Character/Pairing: Little Hermione
Rating: G

Click image to see it larger.

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You are indeed very talented. I love this picture, Bravo!


Awww! *squeezes itty-hermione*
That is darling. And the fact that you are an animator is so obvious here -- there's that energy in the picture that makes it seem as if it's just about to start moving.

Thank you, that's a big complement. ^_^ *Huggles you*

That's lovely. She looks so happy! I love all the massive books in the background, too :).

Thank you! I think in this one part of my personality is showing through.

Awww so wonderfully cute. Well done. I lovethe tiny sparkling stars! Reminds me of my childhood really ^^.

Thanks! Yeah, I wanted it to be kind of childish. The stars were fun. ^_^

That's adorable. She seems so happy and excited. And I agree with crucio_4_coffee as well. Those stars look like they're getting ready to twinkle. :)


*Huggles you*
Thanks! I tried a few different effects on the stars before I got one I liked.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !

So cute !


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