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alyxbradford wrote in 30_hath
Okay -- so this community is about to be a whole year old, and I'm very excited about that! On 1 September, 30_hath will have been open for twelve entire months!

Here's the thing -- at about this point of the month, I'd be pulling together a list of next month's prompts. But, let's be honest with ourselves. Participation has not just dropped off; it's gone comatose, with only a few blips on the radar to let me know it's still alive.

So here's what I want from you guys -- what can I do to pump things back up? Give me any sort of suggestion that you think will help encourage posting. I heart this comm, and I don't want to see it die!


~~La Moddesse

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>.> Come help me move so I can get that over real quick, and get my job to pay me more so I don't have to work so much to get by? XD

Erm, seriously though, that's my way of saying that it's nothing you're doing or can do on my part to get me to participate more. It's RL kicking me in the ass. ♥

I agree with charming_goats. I'm moving back to school tomorrow morning; I have to apply/interview at a million places so I don't go bankrupt again; I have tendonitis; I have to help get my parents' anniversary party set up next week...this could go on for hours, believe me.

Real Life is a bitch. Otherwise I'd TOTALLY be writing.

Is there something special you had in mind for the first anniversary of this community?

I love this comm, although my posting is sporadic. It's a great way to warm up my writing muscles!

I don't think there's necessarily anything that you're doing wrong - it's just that there are an awful lot of fic writing/challenge/exchange communities out there at the moment, and I've heard a lot of people say they're burned out after the recent rash of fic exchanges.

Congrats on the anniversary coming around!

The things I'm supposed to be taking care of? May and June are done. I just need to do July and make the banners. Then I can take care of August. I just need like a template.

I'd like to mention I'm also having a case of real life-itis. I've had my first summer job and it sucked out all my time. Plus, getting ready for college. But since work ends in two days, and stuff, I should be picking the ball back up.

Yay for anniversary!

It's not you hun, RL sucks sometimes! I've got so much to do it's unreal, but hopefully when I get back to uni things might settle back into some sort of routine... hopefully... *fingers crossed*

I love this comm too! :)

I would hate to see this place die. I'm in the same boat with real life. It seems to be taking all of my time. I would love to be able to write here more like I did. If I can think of anything to help make this place bustle, again I will let you know. Happy Anniversary! This is a wonderful community.

Aside from RL issues (can't escape them) I think this comm is probably dying a little because there's not many people reading the fic - because the whole comm has a small membership. That could be an advantage if we were all super-active posters. But, clearly, we're not.

Honestly, a big part of why I don't participate much here is that once I've signed up for several sign-up-able challenges and exchanges, and had to deal with real life I just don't have the time.

Maybe you could hold a few exchanges/challenges that are separate from the main prompts list (but still themed)? It'd generate some outside interest in the comm which means that people would have something to get excited about.

The other thing that I tried to do when I first joined the comm in September was to write a drabble for all the prompts in a month - in the end I was drowning in college work so I had to stop, but if I'd had more time I'd have loved to finish it. Maybe you could set slightly shorter challenges like that to encourage mass writing.

Email me if you want to discuss with anyone or just bounce around ideas. (speakmoretti @

Also, perhaps giving people a few days' leeway might encourage people to post? Say, you can post your writing up to five days after (or even before) the prompt date? I know that kind of goes against the ethos of the community, though...

I suggested that once a few months ago, but the community was actually very outspoken against the idea, and frankly so am I, so I was glad to be supported in not going with it.

I do hope you decide to post September challenges. I keep returning in hopes.

Best of luck to you.


I'm new here - as in I've only posted once. I've been trying really hard to write all month - I got this dumb idea to connect a bunch of the challenges into one story and post a chapter at a time. But I work full time, am in the process of buying a house, planning a wedding, getting ready to move - well, anyways, real life is a kicker. I've been frantically trying to get it all done so I can post it all with the last challenge except it's today and I have another 20 pages to type (I hand-write the story at work in the 10 seconds I have between calls) and I still have 2 more 'chapter-challenges' to write.

Because of the rules saying you can only post on the day it's due, 'idea' is ... how about a little extention? Please? I'll have something good to post...

Also, if you can have a challenge one day be Harry-Draco, and another be Snape-Lupin, and another Ron-Hermione, or whatever - there are many communities you can promote at...

Otherwise, I don't know what to do with the story! No way can I type 20 pages tonight and still get my work done!

Oh, yea, um, are you going to announce what the 31'st challenge is?

Another thing to promote would be to comment to what people do write. People write to be read and when no one comments they think no one reads! Maye a leave-a-comment challenge?

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